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Bespoke storage design in London

POANI provides elegant bespoke furniture solutions in London from free-standing to built-in furniture

When it comes to bespoke furniture in London, you can’t rely on just anyone. Our team of professionals can provide you with durable materials, reliable craftsmanship and perfect installation. Our clients always come first – we will take care of all custom details and make sure all pieces have a perfect finish. For some projects, simple solutions are enough. Others, however, require very complex techniques and this needs to be set and decided right from the start. However, our team is flexible and some of the details can absolutely be decided and altered on the go.

Make your house beautiful and functional with bespoke storage solutions in London

We offer a range of bespoke furniture and storage solutions to help you organise your space and make your house elegant and stylish. Custom built to our clients’ specifications, we can design and build anything from TV units to hallway furniture. You can spare yourself a lot of hassle by choosing POANI to be your guide to renovating or building your dream home. If you use external designers and woodworking, sometimes issues can arise between them. Our team, however, is a well-oiled machine. We have years of experience behind us and years of working together as a team. POANI has a can-do attitude, so we’ll be able to accommodate all of your needs by incorporating beautiful quality bespoke furniture with a fully functional home.

Get the most out of your bedroom space by installing a custom-made wardrobe to optimise the room’s storage capacity. And bespoke storage solutions don’t have to be limited to the bedroom; our bespoke storage London solutions can keep things tidy in any room of the house. Some of our clients have huge libraries that they’d like to show off and for these, open shelves are a perfect option. Others, however, really want to prevent dust build up, so they like closed shelves better. If your family has a pet or a baby on the way, we would definitely recommend cabinets, rather than open shelves. Our team of design and woodworking professionals is trained to think outside the box, so we will make sure to fully accommodate every need. In addition, when it comes to bespoke furniture solutions, we always think ahead. The interior designer should always be the one to anticipate your needs and think about little details, such as: “How high should I place this cabinet?” These might seem as very tiny details at first, but once you live in that space, you will see that every tiny detail has a huge impact on your daily life and routine.

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