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Need a bespoke kitchen design in London?

At POANI we create beautiful, functional and modern kitchens, tailored to our clients’ requirements. We pledge to make your dream kitchen a reality, and promise to do so with great attention to detail.

Our team of designers work with a UK-based kitchen installation company in order to provide quality kitchens with 2 years of warranty. We only work with high quality materials, whilst always ensuring we remain in line with the client’s budget. You don’t need to worry if your dream kitchen seems too far out of budget – it’s our job to propose different solutions until we reach the perfect balance between quality, cost efficiency and style. Your new kitchen will be absolutely exquisite!

How your bespoke kitchen design in London will completed:

1. We organise a site meeting to better understand your requirements and budget, the feeling of the space and its potential. The initial meeting with you is the most important step – you will let us know about your specific needs for your bespoke kitchen design in London, you will tell us how you want it to look like, what styles you like best and what the current style of your home is, for example. Our team of professional architects will be there to ask the important questions, but also to answer all of your inquiries.

2. Our design team prepares photorealistic visualisations and samples. This is where the magic of your bespoke kitchen in London will happen! We treat every project with precision and we always think outside the box – how to best accommodate your needs, functionality and a beautiful design. The first time you see the visualisation will be a very, very exciting time for you!

3. The design is agreed upon. Of course, each and every one of our designs can be tweaked according to your needs. It’s absolutely normal for you to want alterations in the design – this is where we discuss things as functionality ideas, slight colour scheme changes, specific materials, etc. We will also discuss the budget even further, as this is important to note before installation starts. Our team of professional architects will advise you on what differences can be achieved with slight differences in budgets.

4. The kitchen is installed by VB Kitchen Installations. All teams we work with are highly qualified and we will do everything in our power to make the process go as swiftly and as smoothly as possible.

5. Enjoy your new kitchen with 2 years warranty! Do not hesitate to give us a call in case there is an issue with your brand new bespoke London kitchen. Even though issues are extremely rare, there is always a possibility for these, thus we’ve provided a 2 years warranty, so you have a great peace of mind.

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