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POANI – a top architect firm in London

POANI provides a variety of residential architectural services, working primarily in London and the surrounding area.

Our team of professional architects and interior designers offers feasibility design services. We provide advice on all types of domestic extensions – rear, side and loft extensions, advising our clients on how to maximise the value of their property. Our team conducts a planning search, to ascertain whether a project needs full planning permission or can be built under permitted development rights. Often, outbuildings and small extensions can be classified as permitted developments, but there are very specific rules that must be followed. Every council has its own specific requirements, so contacting a specialist is always a good call.

Part of our service involves helping the client to evaluate the potential of the site. Basing our proposal on professional experience and a local planning search, we can advise on the maximum number of floors, buildings etc. Moreover, you can contact us even before making a purchase, so we can check details about the property and see if it fits your desired plan. Sometimes you might have an idea that cannot be developed on an existing property, but we can certainly accommodate the better part of your plan in our detailed residential design.

Our residential architectural services include the design of single-family houses and small residential developments as well as existing buildings renovation works. POANI’s team of planning architects will prepare all the documentation required for the application and will communicate with the council during the process.

Once planning permission is obtained, we provide technical design services to ensure high quality construction, on time execution and all within budget. As a top architect firm in London, we only choose the best partners to work with. We guarantee not just excellent bespoke interior design service, but also exceptional craftsmanship when it comes to construction, and high quality, durable materials.

How does the process work?

1. You contact us by phone, e-mail or the contact form on our website. You should provide as many details about the project as possible. Current pictures always help, but mood boards on how your dream project looks like always helps.

2. We send you a quote for approval. We offer you solutions within your budget which you need to approve before we proceed.

3. We send you visualisations and renderings of the design. As a top architect firm in London, this is where we can bring you that “WOW” factor even before the finished project. Our team of architects and interior designers have a well-trained eye and can think outside the box when needed.

4. After you’ve approved the design, we can start with another exciting part – the construction! You can save yourself the hassle of hiring separate contractors to finish the job and trust us with completion – our construction company partners are superb and achieve fantastic results.

Contact us now to learn more about our residential architectural services and to book your free online consultation.

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We can help with ...

New Home Design

Full design service, including planning application submission for the construction of your new home.

Residential Developments

Feasibility, design and technical services for small residential developments up to five floors.


Use some of your garden to create a private space for work or leisure! Build a new home office or a small gym right in your back yard.

House Extension

Extend your property to maximise its potential and its size; learn more about the different types of extensions and their value.

Loft Conversions

Convert your unused loft space into a spare bedroom or an office; maximise the potential of your home and improve its design.

Let's create something beatiful together!