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What we do

New Home Design

Full design service, including planning application submission for the construction of your new home.
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Residential developments

Feasibility, design and technical services for small residential developments up to five floors.
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Use some of your garden to create a private space for work or leisure! Build a new home office or a small gym right in your back yard.
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House extensions

Extend your property to maximise its potential and its size; learn more about the different types of extensions and their value.
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Loft Conversions

Convert your unused loft space into a spare bedroom or an office; maximise the potential of your home and improve its design.
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New home design, Residential developments, Outbuildings, House extensions, Loft conversions – everything you might need from an architect – we offer.

Every customer is unique and has different priorities, desires and limitations. That is why we provide everything from simple interior design advice to a full concept-to-completion interior design service.


Only think about your main business – we’ll take care of the rest! Your employees will be happy and perfectly position around your offices.