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Outbuildings - permitted development outbuildings and planning permissions

What is an outbuilding?

Outbuildings are a great way to optimise the potential of your garden. These are buildings, usually timber constructions, with no connection to the main house. An outbuilding can have many uses:

  • Garden shed
  • Greenhouse
  • Garage
  • Small swimming pool
  • Sauna or steam room
  • Gym
  • Office
  • Plant room

Which ones are classified as permitted development outbuildings?

A great advantage of outbuildings is that in most cases they do not require full planning permission and are considered permitted development. There are several requirements to be met regarding the area and the height of the construction, however. Here are some details that need to be considered in this case:

  • There must not be outbuilding on land forward of a wall that is forming the principal elevation.
  • In addition, these outbuildings must be single story.
  • In order for an outbuilding to be classified as permitted development, it must have a maximum height of 2 or 2.5 meters of a boundary– depending whether it is a building, container or a dwelling house.
  • There cannot be balconies, verandas or even raised platforms.

In addition to these, there are other rules that need to be considered. Since these regulations and requirements are extremely specific, you should absolutely trust our team of professional architects with your project. This is a great way to make sure that the outbuilding you’re planning is a permitted development outbuilding, rather than one that needs special planning permission.

What if I need a planning permission?

In case your project requires planning permissions, our team of professional architects here at POANI can include these in the planning process. We have vast experience with planning permissions and can help with all necessary documentation.

How will the process work with POANI when it comes to a permitted development outbuilding or such requiring planning permission?

1. You contact us on by phone, e-mail or on the web form on our “Contact us” page. We will ask you to provide as much information about your outbuilding as possible – what do you plan on using it for? Would you like to change its purpose in the future? Similar questions are very helpful, so try to think about them beforehand. In addition, please provide us with detailed information about your property and where you imagine the construction to take place.

2. We send you a quote for approval. This quote will take into consideration your budget, and you can decide whether you’d like us to do just the design, or you’d like us to provide the full service – from concept to completion.

3. We send you the design, visualisations for approval. It might be just a tiny outbuilding, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look absolutely wonderful. In case you think about using your permitted development outbuilding as an office, it’s very important that it’s cozy enough and has the right atmosphere to help you concentrate.

4. If needed, we send the documents for planning permission, and after that our partner companies start construction. We provide them with everything they need – measurements, agreed materials, etc. We only work with the best partners on the market – it’s essential to choose the right professionals for completion of the project – high quality materials as well as craftsmanship are important.

Every property is unique and offers different possibilities for the size, position and design of an outbuilding. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you make your garden space useful and stylish.

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