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Building your new home from scratch can be an overwhelming process, especially if you don’t have any professional experience in the field. Here at POANI, one of the top architect firms in London, we have divided the process into five simple steps to help you better understand the entire process. We can provide assistance for some or all of the following.

Step One – Establishing the Project Brief

An initial meeting is conducted between the client and POANI’s architectural team. This is where we discuss the scope of the project, the potential budget and all other requirements. We’ll visit the site, take some pictures and measurements and prepare a fee proposal together with advice on the potential of the site (feasibility study). We will then prepare a short document with initial outline designs to help you visualise the proposed project. At the end of this stage a contract is signed, and the base line of the new home design requirements is set.

Step Two – Concept Design

In this stage we advise the client of the consultants that need to be involved in order to obtain planning permission. New home design usually requires an accurate, measured survey and arboriculture report. At the end of this stage, a series of preliminary architectural drawings will be prepared, including plans, sections, elevations and computer-generated images. Once the design is approved by the client, our team of professional architects will start a dialogue with the planning authorities via a pre-planning application (the need for pre-application advice depends of the size and complexity of the project).

Step Three – Developed Design

Once the new home design principle has been approved by the client and the local authority (if pre-planning application advice has been sought), our architectural team will prepare all the documents required for submission. In addition to all planning drawings, POANI, our top architect firm in London, will prepare a professional Design and Access Statement presenting all the details of the project, in compliance with all statutory regulations for the project location.

Step Four – Technical Design & Tender

Once planning permission is obtained (usually eight to 12 weeks from submission date), our team will prepare a set of technical tender drawings and contact potential contractors. POANI works with a number of reputable suppliers and construction companies, making the process as smooth and simple as possible. Quality is extremely important for us, so we will always offer the best materials possible according to your budget. As one of the top architect firms in London, we only work with the best construction companies as well.

Step Five – Construction

During the construction phase we provide support to the main contractor and remain in constant communication until project completion. Our team ensures that the initially agreed new home design is followed through this stage, and maximum attention to detail is implemented. At POANI we value swift execution and quality workmanship.

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