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Add extra space for your home office or extra bedroom

Living in densely populated areas like London means that house prices are high and space is limited. Big house extensions are not always allowed by local authorities. Luckily, there is another way to gain that extra bit of space needed for your home office, gym or extra bedroom – loft conversions.

Converting the redundant loft into a functional living space will increase the quality of your life and can add up to 25% value to your house. Thus, this process can help you make more money in case you’re looking to sell you property. Loft conversions come in many shapes
and types.

What types of loft conversion in London can I take advantage of?

Loft Conversions with Dormer

A Loft conversion with dormer is an elegant solution that gives more light to the room and makes it look bigger. It consists of adding structure that projects vertically from the existing roof, creating additional space and headroom. Sometimes a Juliet balcony can be added to enhance the quality of the loft space. The roof shape and style of the dormer loft conversion depends on the existing construction and can be flat, gabled or hipped.

L-shaped Loft Conversions

Most popular with properties when it comes to a rear addition to the main building are the L-shaped loft conversions. They usually connect the main and secondary roof, forming the letter “L”. this type of loft conversion is perfect for Victorian and Edwardian properties.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversions

If your property has a hipped roof (all sides slope downwards to the walls) it may be that the hip to gable loft conversion is the right solution. It consists of replacing the existing roof slope (hip) with a straight wall (gable). Depending on the property type (usually with detached houses) gables can be added to both sides of the roof.

Would I need a planning permit for a loft conversion in London or is it a permitted development?

Most loft conversions, like some house extensions, can be built under the rules of permitted development (i.e. they do not require a full planning application). It is always a good idea to contact your local authority for confirmation, however, because every property is different. We, at POANI, can help guide you through the whole process. However, you can also trust us to take over the whole process – from concept to completion.

How can POANI help me with a loft conversion in London?

Our team of professional architects can help you with planning, design, sketches – everything you need to start bringing your project to life. Once you contact us, we’ll have a chat about the specifics of your project and after we’ve discussed the details, we’ll send you a quote. Once approved, we’ll proceed with design and visualisations. When it comes to completion, we work with exceptional partners for the completion process, highly skilled craftsmen that use high quality and durable materials.

Our friendly team of planning architects can give you advice on your property, saving you the hassle of research. Call us today or send us an enquiry and we can help you optimise your property to its fullest potential.

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