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Densely populated areas, such as London, require a lot of living space to accommodate their residents. In recent years, the housing shortage in the UK has deepened and prices are soaring rapidly. The above factors create an opportunity for land and house owners to become small-scale property developers.

Looking for a top residential architect in London?

Our team has a proven track record and dozens of successful projects when it comes to residential property. Constructing a small residential development or converting an existing construction always requires planning permission. It is important to choose a skilled architect who can prepare a well-designed planning package, submit the application and liaise with the local authority. And we, at POANI, can help you out with all the details – from planning, through documentation, interior design and completion.

We offer a full concept-to-completion service, where you can take advantage of our knowledge, experience and exceptional skills. Thus, the residential architect in London you choose is just the first step, you will need to think about a lot more details at a later stage. This is why it’s important to choose someone that can take over the whole process for you – you will save money, precious time, and the development will go much more swiftly.

Our partner companies can provide outstanding woodwork, extraordinary metalwork and many other high-end services. We only work with the best, and we make sure that the most reliable and durable materials are chosen according to your budget. Thus, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by choosing to work with us – you can’t rely on just anyone with the development of your property, especially if you are choosing this to be your future home.

Do you need advice with property development even before purchase?

Always remember to consult a specialist before buying a property or land which you later think of developing. Our team can help you decide on the right property by preparing a feasibility study which can tell you the approximate size and number of units that can fit on a site. It’s important to know both the limitations and potential of a property in advance, this is why it is essential to pick the right residential architect in London for the job. We can advise you based on the current property plans, but usually it is best to see it on site. Our highly skilled architects have a great attention to detail and can notice things that you or a realtor might have missed.

You might be looking to fit a large number of units into a small property or quite the opposite – a smaller number of luxury units into a larger property with ample space. We can accommodate your needs and offer you the best option, optimised between your budget, your requirements and the actual possibilities of the property. As a client, you do need to make sure all aspects are covered from the very beginning, this is why choosing POANI as your trusted architect even before buying a property can help you avoid potential property limitations.

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