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Bespoke staircase design in London

Need a bespoke staircase design for your London home?

Staircases are a significant element of the house interior. Here at POANI we understand the importance of a good staircase design and its impact on the general appearance of a space. Replacing your old staircase with a new bespoke staircase design, tailored to enhance the qualities of the space, can increase the value of the property and transform it completely. Our designers will consider the options and will make recommendations to match your individual needs and style.


Here’s how to get your dream bespoke staircase design in London:

1. You contact us and send us as much information as possible regarding the requirements of your new staircase. To start with, it would be helpful for us to know what type your dream bespoke staircase design in London looks like – is it spiral, central spine, floating staircase, helical, u-shaped, etc.? In addition, you can add your preferred material – timber, metal, concrete. Not every staircase style can be accommodated in a specific space, however, we will do our best to fulfil your wishes. Thus, please do have prepared approximate dimensions of the space, so we can discuss these. Another thing that would be very helpful is the style your home is already decorated in (if it has already been finished, or has a definite design already). Having these details will be essential for us to give you some great advice even before our on-site consultation.

2. Our designers meet you on site for a survey for your bespoke staircase design for your London home, and free-of-charge consultation. Even if we have all the details beforehand, we always need to take a look at the site for ourselves. Our team of professional architects is extremely well-trained and can sometimes notice a few details that you might have missed. This is a very important step before we start processing the visualisations.

3. We send you a quotation for approval, together with photorealistic visualisations of the design. This is a very exciting moment for all of our clients, as the renders are the very first time they see their dream bespoke staircase design come to life.

4. Design is confirmed and fabrication drawings are prepared. In case there is a detail you’d like changed – this is the final step where you can make alterations to the design. It does happen sometimes, as you might have seen some extras you’d like added (as lighting or a carpet).

5. One of our partner companies or a company chosen by you fabricates and installs the staircase. We work with a small number of selected UK-based companies that fabricate and install staircases. If required, we can provide competitive prices for fabrication and installation of the final product. We only work with the best contractors when it comes to producing and installing the staircase. We trust them 100% and you won’t need to worry about having to find different companies or how well they can follow the designer’s instructions. Our partners, just like us, pay great attention to detail and will make sure the project is absolutely up to standard.

The greatest benefit of our approach to staircase design is allowing the customer greater control over the whole project.

Contact us now if you would like to learn more about our bespoke staircase design process in London and how we work.

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