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Looking for an exceptional interior design studio in London?

At POANI we understand how important it is to be able to express yourself with tailored home design. Our interior design team collaborates with the Italian studio Michielizanatta in order to visually and functionally enhance any given space. We have a proven track record and we are one of the best choices when it comes to an interior design studio in London.

Here at POANI we understand that every customer is unique and has different priorities, desires and limitations. That is why we provide everything from simple interior design advice to a full concept-to-completion interior design service.

Bespoke interior London design – from concept to completion

Some of our clients have no specific idea what their dream home looks like. Others have thought about some of the details years in advance. It doesn’t matter which type of client you are – our to interior design studio in London can help make your vision a reality. Even if you only want to evoke a specific feeling with your home – tranquillity, peace, harmony or serenity, and don’t even have colours in mind – don’t worry! Our team of professional interior designers and architects will advise you which colours work best. On the other hand, if you have a particular sofa you’d just love to have in your new space – we’ll absolutely make it work with the whole interior design.

Interior design advice from a team of experts

We often have clients that just need advice about their home which is absolutely normal. Sometimes there are details that feel odd but you can’t quite put your finger on them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a room, a corner, a wall, or even paintings that you feel can be changed, you can trust us to give you the best advice and make your home a lot more in tune not just with the rest of your space, but with yourself as well.

We can help you give life to your old house or design the spaces for your new home. Our team can handle any sized project – from one room to a whole house. Here is how it works:

1. You contact us via phone, e-mail or web form. A member of our team will have a friendly chat (via phone or on site) to better understand your requirements and aspirations. If you have some pictures to help point us in the right direction its always handy. Our team of professional interior designers and architects does have superpowers, but it would be great for you to provide as many details about your dream home as you can.

2. Our team of designers then prepares a quotation based on your requirements.
3. A set of plans, mood boards, 3d models and visualisations is prepared and approved by you. As a top interior design studio in London, we pay great attention to detail and you will absolutely experience that “WOW” factor when you first see your interior design come to life. In case you have some details you’d like changed, we can absolutely accommodate your needs and extra requirements.
4. The design is finalised and brought to life! Our partner companies have a proven track record and are exceptional professionals. We work with high-quality, durable materials, and can ensure that completion is just as perfect as the interior design itself.

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